When you sign up for ACT or SAT test prep at Achieve Academics, you get a lot more than reading, writing and arithmetic. In addition to the academics, strategies and time management, the staff at Achieve Academics will also focus on endurance, psychology, nutrition and personal presentation. 

Endurance – Would you run a marathon without a training plan? Like preparing for a marathon, preparing to take the ACT or SAT takes hard work, which includes homework and practice tests. To simulate the actual ACT and SAT, we start at 8 a.m. , the same time as the official test! Students need to know what it feels like to get up early and take a four-hour test. If you’re working on timing, you need to know what it feels like to take a four-hour test with up to five sections. The first three sections are timed at 45, 60 and 35 minutes. If you only complete the science section, which is the 4th part of the test, how do you know how you will perform on the entire test? You can’t run 26.2 miles without running miles 1-25. The feeling is a lot different! We need our students to finish strong. The way to figure that out, is to take multiple practice tests. The tutors review the results with students, who gain the knowledge needed to identify if they need to increase their homework. Then, our program offers score reports to parents to monitor the progress that a student is making. 

Anxiety – The studies and data prove that 85% of our students today have test anxiety; when parents were kids, our anxiety only affected 15% of all students.  At Achieve Academics, we can deliver great tutors and great prep; we must also be prepared to assist our students who suffer from mild to serious test anxiety. Sometimes it can be addressed with the confidence that our tutors instill in our students. For other students, more is needed and that’s when having a psychologist on staff becomes advantageous. We are here to help your students gain the knowledge and strategies to master the ACT or SAT. 

Nutrition – Again, the studies and data prove that we must eat well to perform well. Whether on the field, dance floor or testing center, nutrition plays a big part in our ability to achieve the results that we desire. We know that it takes two hours for food – healthy food – to break down into a form that we can use. At Achieve Academics, we guide our students when and what to eat during the big test. You wouldn’t play a hockey game without eating for endurance. Of course, you would eat the proper food to prepare for a tough practice. The same concept applies to test taking, and it is imperative that we review and offer nutritional advice for our test takers. 

Personal Presentation – As the saying goes at BSM, “when you dress well, you test well”! Over the last 9 years, we have had many young women come in from BSM. We have commiserated about how to dress for a test. You have come to sessions, you have done your homework and you have taken a plethora of practice tests. Now, the big test is looming. The morning of the test, you want to look in the mirror and say to yourself “I’ve done all I can to prepare for this test and now, I’m going to go rock it”! When you look good, you feel good. When you feel good, you test well!