Hear what others have said about our programs!

Just wanted to follow up with you all that Katie was accepted at St Thomas, UMD, St Kates and Hamline! Still waiting on UofM. However, she wants to go to St Thomas in the fall regardless. We are very proud of her accomplishment.

Thanks again for your part in her academic success. I feel your tutoring and strategic advice really help her. I have another daughter, who is currently a HS Freshman, that I’ll be bringing to you in a couple years.
— Brian - Rogers High School
Julie and Jennifer at Achieve Academics helped me come up with a combination of tutoring and classroom sessions that worked for my super busy schedule. And it worked! I achieved the ACT goal I was aiming for!
— Sally Reed, Hopkins High School Class of 2019
I had a great and positive experience working with Achieve Academics. I began tutoring after my sophomore year and ended up taking at least 6 practice tests and 4 official tests. My English went up 16 points and my composite increased by 9 points. It was a lot of work, but well worth it as I ended up scoring even higher than my goal. The tutors were great and encouraging. Thanks for helping me with my ACT scores!
— Tyler Borsch - 2019 Graduate - MGSH
Jennifer Paidosh and the whole staff at Achieve Academics are outstanding! Our daughter enrolled in the Achieve Academics group class during her Junior year of high school. Prior to completing the course, her first ACT test was lower than her goal, but after her ACT tutoring class she took her second ACT test and scored 5 points higher! The raised score will help her confidently apply to all of her dream schools. Thank you so much for the excellent tutoring, the individualized attention, and the willingness to answer all of questions in a kind caring manner.
— The Whitenack Family
I am writing to sing the praises of your program and tutors. We have had both our sons go through the ACT program. Our less academically minded son went from a 21 to a 25 and got in to all three of his college choices. Recently, our more academically minded son went from a 25 to a 30 and is now very well positioned to go where he wants and get scholarship money!!

They both said the difference between taking the test first without working at Achieve Academics and taking it the second time after working with Achieve Academics’ tutors was night and day. They were fully prepared and confident.

The tutors did a good job of holding them accountable as they had homework every night and did what was asked if them to earn the higher score.

As parents, we are thrilled and highly recommend your program. It wasn’t easy to decide to spend the money to send them there but the payoff was so worth it.
— Brian Kirkendall (WHS parent of 2 Achieve Academics' Students)
One more time, thank you so much for all your help and for being so accommodating with Gabby. We were all very happy with Gabby’s resume update. Matt and I looked at it and it looks great! She already had a draft resume and also she had worked on a list of projects that she had completed during her Internship with the Pohlad Companies.

Gabby and Laura took all the references from HS out of her resume and made it much more professional and ready for either applying for another internship or a job. At this time, one session was enough. Gabby is now going to meet with her Career Center at TCU to get their input as well.

Laura is so good at everything she does. She is the best math tutor, ACT tutor and College Counselor we could have asked for!
— Ana and Matt Carter (Parents of 2 Achieve Academics' Students)
I wanted to give you an update regarding Amy’s scores, etc. Her scores on the September, 2015 exam:

Composite: 25
English: 27
Math: 24
Reading: 23
Science: 25
Essay: 23

Her composite score for the June exam was a 28, and the 25 in science in September gave her a super score of a 29. She was accepted to all of the schools to which she applied:

· Wheaton College (Illinois) (her “stretch” school)
· Bethel University (St. Paul)
· Calvin College (Grand Rapids, MI)
· Baylor University

There is no doubt in my mind the assistance from you and your people enabled her to be accepted at Wheaton. We have also seen the financial aid benefits of the assistance you provided. We’ll see where she ends up… We thank both of you and your people for the assistance you provided to both of our daughters (Sarah in 2014, and Amy this year).
— Gregg (WHS Parent of 2 Achieve Academics Students)
Carly is free on Wednesday and Thursdays after school starting at 2;45 with the exception of thanksgiving week. I gave Carly a bag of pennies to count out to find out her ACT score. When she got to 25 she was so shocked and happy. I think Eric really boosted her confidence. So thank you for that... I think her original score was a 19 and the highest practice test she had with you was a 23 so she has already exceeded her goals but now I’m guessing she could even get a few points higher.

Zoe loves ASU! I’m sure she will visit you gals over Christmas break. I was a little unsure of how things would go being in the honors program but she is just thriving there. I think your staff gave her a lot of positive encouragement and confidence as well. She was even asked to become a TA as a freshman.... I am very appreciative of your agency....
— Sandy (WHS parent of 2 Achieve Academics Students)
I had already taken the ACT test twice. I received a 27 the first test without any preparation, and I got a 28 on the second with a little preparation, but nothing major. My mom told me she wanted me to take a tutoring class to help me with my ACT score. I was a little reluctant at first, but I agreed to go. I went to Achieve Academics twice a week for two hours. I also did about 2-3 hours of homework/studying a night. I did this for four weeks, and by the last week my confidence level was great. I felt very prepared going into the test, and I knew all I had to do was keep my focus and use the little tricks I had learned. I ended up receiving a 32 overall, and I got my best sub-scores in each subject out of the three tests I took. Plus I got a 36 on the math which meant a lot to me because that was the subjected I wanted to do the best in. My tutor really helped me clean up small errors I was making, and he knew the test very well. He knew exactly how I worked and based his teaching style on how I learned. He was great and I owe him a lot.
— Mitch (Holy Family)
Achieve Academics interview skills training played an integral role in me receiving the Presidential Scholarship at Saint Louis University. The training enabled me to develop a solid foundation of communication skills, which allowed me to be confident and successful during an extensive interview process. The thorough preparation included a holistic approach that focused on practical concepts, personal branding and actual conditions training through mock interviews. While my tutoring experience started with the SLU scholarship, these life-long skills will continue to be beneficial as I pursue educational and employment opportunities in the future.
— Teddy Stewart-Hester (Holy Family)
I would highly recommend Achieve Academics Tutoring Services! I had an entrance exam to pass in order to get into my program at St. Cloud State University. I needed a few things brushed up since I had not taken a math course in quite sometime, and after a few sessions I was exactly where I needed to be and passed my exam. Jennifer and the tutor I worked with were absolutely wonderful! Thanks again!!!
— Shannon (Adult Learner)
I wanted to let you know that last night Jeffrey accepted the Gopher’s football team’s offer. Next fall he will be playing for the university of MN. It’s a dream come true for him as he always wanted to play high level football and was watching them since he was a little guy. They have a great program to help him along in the engineering program so it’s a win-win. Thank you again for your help last summer! It’s a great day to be a gopher!
— Sarah (Wayzata HIgh School Parent)
Academic success in the classroom doesn’t always translate into high scores on standardized tests, like the ACT and SAT that our children must take for admission into college. This was certainly the case with our daughter who was an honor roll student through out high school, but initially struggled with the pressure and anxiety that comes with college admission testing. After trying various self-preparation programs and another tutoring service, with no improvement in results, we found Achieve Academics and finally had the breakthrough for my daughter that we had been looking for. In addition to subject matter review and memorization. Achieve Academics focuses on testing strategies and time management, factors that are often overlooked but can have big impacts on final scores on standardized tests. Using Achieve Academics’ methodology, our daughter was able to increase her ACT score by 7 points, received numerous scholarship offers and ultimately got accepted to the school of her choice. We are extremely satisfied with results we’ve gotten from Achieve Academics.
— Matt Carter (Parent of 2 Achieve Academics Students)