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Almost 10 years ago, we sent our first ACT students out the door of Achieve Academics. Although I was a new business owner, I felt like a new mom. Was my student prepared for the test? Did I give them everything that they would need to succeed on the official ACT? I quickly realized that there is a part of the ACT or SAT test that not even the BEST tutor can give a student. While some anxiety is good, this is a college entrance exam and they need to take it seriously; it's the reassurance that they will not have severe anxiety during the test.  While we have offered and still offer students anxiety writing programs and visualization techniques resulting in specific essential oils use, it has been my mission to help our students overcome the anxiety that we as a society, as parents, as teachers and as coaches have placed on our children. 

We are thrilled to announce our new program! Our Achieve Peak Performance Program will assist students to identify stress triggers, exam stressors, develop an awareness of how to calm and neutralize these stressors before they negatively impact their performance.  This program assists the student in developing and executing a comprehensive test anxiety strategy so the student can perform at their highest potential. We teach, coach, and guide individuals to achieve their highest potential in successful performance and test taking.

  • Do you freeze up or go blank on tests?

  • Do you perform well on practice exams, but bomb the real thing?

  • Are you frustrated from studying so hard, but in not seeing the test score results you want?

  • Are exam pressures stopping you from achieving the scores you know you are capable of?

  • Do you under-perform on tests that are critical to your academic future?

  • Do you have to re-take tests you know you should have passed the first time?

  • Does the stress of studying and test-taking create anxiety, resulting in problems at school and at home, with friends or team-mates?

  • Do you have symptoms of academic burnout?

  • Is your health suffering from the stress of studying and test-taking?

  • Is your window for successfully passing an exam beginning to close? Are you running out of time?

If you answered yes to even one of these questions, you should know there is help.  There are proven program strategies that can help you or your student reduce test stress, enhance learning and performance, improve test scores, and give you peace of mind. Contact Achieve Academics today to learn more about the Achieve Peak Performance Program.  

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