Achieve Academics is actively involved in the local community and our schools! The majority of our advertising budget is spent on our students activities! They've trusted us with their academic and test goals, we're supporting their outside interests! 



Holy Family Catholic High School

Orono High School

Osseo High School

Providence Academy

Wayzata High School

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BSM Dance Team - 7 years

BSM Men's Hockey Team - 2 years

HFCHS Men's Hockey Team - 3 years

HFCHS Women’s Hockey Team - 2 years

MGHS Dance Team - 3 years

MGHS Football Team - 5 years

MGHS Women's Hockey Team - 2 years

MGHS Men's Basketball Team - 2 years

PA Men's Hockey Team - 3 years

WHS Scoreboard Sponsor - 4 consecutive years