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Applying to college has been streamlined with the addition of the Common Application.    While the "common app" has made things a bit more manageable, it hasn't made college admissions any less competitive.   Most parents are blissfully unaware that the college admissions timeline, in its ideal, starts before Junior year.  Moreover, most students erroneously believe that there is some sort of a "blueprint" they need to fit into in order to impress college admissions officers.  

 Don't have a 4.0 and a 36 on the ACT?  Don't worry.  Our students have been admitted to some of the most competitive colleges and universities in the country!   Now, this does not mean that a lackluster academic performance can be excused.  What it does mean is there are many elements to a competitive application and sometimes the way one negotiates obstacles during high school can be as compelling as a 4.0.   Learn more

Creating a competitive admissions package starts with having a plan.  Achieve Academics will help you navigate the process through expert advice on timelines, standardized tests,  high school course choices, resume preparation, recommendation letters, and personal statement essays.  We'll help determine if early action or early decision applications make sense, and we'll work to help identify funding sources for your daughter or son.  Our expert counselors have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with your student.  Ironically, we'll start by determining what makes her or him special, different, exceptional.

As with all of our programs, we start things out with a Free consultation.  From there, we'll start to build your student's "story."  We'll set a schedule and explain everything along the way.  If you don't need this much attention, we also have stand-alone services such as Essay Editing and Proofreading to help you make the right first impression. Contact us to learn more.

Minnesota's Serious School Staff Shortage

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BURNSVILLE, Minn. - As a new school year approaches in Minnesota, an old problem continues to haunt many districts: There simply aren't enough counselors and support staff.

Whether they are guidance counselors, social workers or psychologosits, school support staff impact every single student in multiple ways, but for decades Minnesota has struggled to add more of them.

A new grant program aims to address the problem, but it remains to be seen what impact it will have.

Each student at Burnsville High School will go home with Chromebook laptop this year thanks to a recent voter referendum, but improving the ratio of counselors and support staff to students in Burnsville and across the state has historically been a much bigger challenge.

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