Avoid a Springtime Slump

Avoid a Springtime Slump!  Achieve Academics Provides Tips for Studying Smartly To Finish the High School Year Strong.  When it comes to college admissions, good grades are paramount to receiving that coveted letter of acceptance to the College or University you’re dreaming of attending.   As the latter half of the school year continues, it is easy to lose focus or motivation and let grade point averages slip. To prevent grades from slipping, as you’re dreaming about summer, and to ensure that your student’s college admissions profile stays stronger than ever, here are few valuable tips to consider:

Handle your hardest homework first

In outlining a study plan, students should first focus their efforts on the subjects that are the most challenging for them personally, before tackling subjects that tend to come more naturally. For instance, if a student wants to improve his or her grades in math, he/she should complete math homework as early as possible. By addressing difficult subjects first, students can best focus on their troublesome subject areas before they become fatigued.

Schedule study times, then see them through

Students aiming to maintain or improve their grades in 2016 should outline and plan for study times, then commit to follow through with their study schedule. Nearly all students are guilty of last minute “cramming,” but studies have shown that it is a far less effective study method for retaining information over the long term. To prevent this, students should plan their study hours ahead of time, then follow their schedule with the same dedication shown to scheduled sports practices, rehearsals, or other scheduled activities.

Declutter, Disconnect, and Do Away with Distractions

When it’s time to study, studying should be the only focus. Remove any potential distractions by turning off your phone, television, computer, or tablet notifications. Find a quiet place to focus, and then give your full attention to the task at hand. Scheduling study times in designated planned blocks of time can be an effective way to maintain deep focus. Give yourself a pre-arranged break every hour or so, but then get right back to work.

Resist the Urge to Refrain from Reviewing

Even if all your weekly assignments have been completed, reviewing your notes, test questions, or prepping for future assignments is a great way to stay ahead of the game the following week. By keeping learned material fresh in your mind, you’ll be less likely to find yourself in the situation where “cramming” is unavoidable.

Whether your students need a leg-up, a refresher, or motivation to continue on their winning streak, our tutors at Achieve Academic’s can help your student in the following ways:

·         Discover test-taking strategies that work best

·         Take notes that they understand

·         Conduct more efficient research

·         Develop better listening skills

·         Enhance their reading comprehension

·         Focus on the details they need to know

·         Improve their organizational skills

·         Prioritize and manage their time

·         Strengthen their writing skills

·         Study more efficiently and effectively

Even top students benefit from individualized tutoring, and/or small group classes which can improve upon subject areas that come naturally by keeping material challenging and stimulating. Working one-on-one with an experienced and knowledgeable tutor at Achieve Academics will assure students improve test scores, grade performance, and overall academic ability.

Whatever your student’s academic needs may be, Achieve Academics has a summer program that can help. Contact us today at 763-559-8378, or via email at info@achieveacademics.com.