summer learning loss

School Is Out for Summer: How to Prevent Summer Learning Loss

While some students look forward to spending the summer taking a break from homework, projects, papers and various assignments, the gap between school years poses a potential threat to long term academic success. Summer learning loss, is the blanket term for what can happen when students take a break from utilizing study skills or neglecting their educational pursuits during the summer. 

That’s why it’s so important that students continue learning year-round. Without opportunities to continue to practice vital skills including reading comprehension, math, and writing, students are at risk of experiencing a loss or dulling skills.  To put it in the simplest terms:  when you snooze, you lose. 

Studies dating back to the early 1900s show that young people lose approximately two months of grade level equivalency in math computation skills during the summer.  Reading achievement losses are not uncommon either.   Moreover, more recent studies have shown that the difference between various students’ summer learning experiences affects college graduation rates in the long term.

Summer affords an incredible, untapped opportunity for students to not only prevent summer learning loss, but to gain ground on the upcoming school year.  Because other school programs often cease during the summer, students have more time, and greater flexibility to sharpen existing learning skills, pursue their interests in subjects they particularly enjoy, or those in which they need additional practice.

Structured summer programs for students will prevent the loss of vital knowledge, all the while preparing students to excel in the coming year. As an added benefit, structured educational summer programs help parents to ensure that their children don’t remain idle or unproductive for weeks on end.

Our summer programs are available to students of all ages, and include one-on-one tutoring, small group classes and custom programs.   Our summer programs focus on:

·         Reinforcing Strong Study Habits

·         Enhancing Existing Knowledge

·         Sharpening Cognitive Skills

·         Expanding Subject Matter Comprehension

·         Strengthening Testing Skills

Please contact us today to help safeguard your student’s success not only for this summer but for the next school year and beyond.