Preference of the ACT or SAT by State (Infographic)

Published by Allison Wignall - College Raptor


The ACT and the SAT are the two largest college entrance exams in the country. Certain ACT / SAT scores can qualify students for scholarships and grants. Most colleges require students to submit their scores of one or the other in order to apply.

There are a ton of interesting statistics about the entrance exam–did you know you’re more likely to be struck by lightning than get a 1 on the ACT? Or that, on average, Harvard students are ranked in the 99th percentile for both tests?

The ACT might be the more commonly taken test, but colleges don’t really prefer one over the other. Really, they don’t. One myth that persists is that elite colleges–like the Ivy Leagues on the East Coast–favor the SAT, however, studies have shown that more students report SAT scores on the East Coast because it’s more commonly taken than the ACT in the region–not that the SAT is superior.

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