Reasons to Consider Private College Counseling

There is no disputing the fact that high school guidance counselors work hard to provide students with all the tools necessary to help them to achieve their potential. However, considering the sheer number of students that high school counselors are tasked with assisting, time is not often in abundance. In fact, one U.S. Department of Education survey revealed that students in public high schools receive less than 40 minutes of college counseling from their guidance counselors.

Guidance counselors are not to blame, however. Even with the greatest of intentions, goals, and objectives, the reality is that there are only 24 hours in a day, and even the best high school counselor in the world only has so much time to dedicate to each student. That’s precisely how the field of private college counseling emerged. In short, the demand for personalized college counseling outweighed the supply.

Today, private college counselors play an integral role in helping students navigate the seemingly daunting task of applying to college in an increasingly competitive educational landscape. Here are four reasons to consider engaging the services of a private college counselor to help you and your child through this process.

1. College Counselors Alleviate Stress

Studies as recent as 2016 show that a full 70% of high school students feel stressed about applying to college. However, when utilizing the expertise of college counselors, students feel less anxious. This is undoubtedly because they have a trusted professional acting as their ally to help them through the process of identifying the best possible choices, meeting deadlines, determining alternative plans, applying to schools, and much more.

2. College Counselors Identify Schools Which Match Your Child’s Choices

One-on-one work with an experienced college counselor will ensure that the entirety of your child’s character is taken into consideration when identifying potential colleges. For example, if your child is determined to find the best mechanical engineering program, your college counselor will help with that. Or, if your child is extremely interested in politics, college counselors can guide them to universities with a thriving student government. When it comes to creating a list of potential schools which best match your child’s interests, a college counselor will prove invaluable.

3. College Counselors Help Make Your Child’s Application Stand Out

College counselors are often privy to useful information such as which essay topics have been exhausted, how much weight certain extracurricular activities will carry with various schools, and what students should expect in various admissions interviews. This will help ensure that your child’s application has the best chance of being noticed amongst the thousands of other applications the admissions department is reviewing.

4. College Counselors Help Make Choosing the Best School Simpler

After your child receives notification of acceptance, college counselors still play a useful role in helping your child to compare the strengths of each offer, including any potential financial aid packages, so that your child can make the best decision for their immediate and long-term future.

As the time draws near for your student to make one of their biggest life choices, it’s certainly worthwhile to consider engaging the services of a professional college counselor. From reducing stress, to making the application process simpler, to identifying and ultimately selecting the best school for your child, college counselors can be worth their weight in gold when it comes to your child’s future success.

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