Back-to-School Basics: 4 Tips to Brush Up on Study Skills

As the summer season begins to wind down, it’s time again to prepare for the upcoming school year, and there’s no better habit for your student to develop than employing healthy study skills. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of tips to help your student build a strong academic routine that will serve them for years to come. 

1. It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint 

Have your child divide his or her study time into manageable increments over the course of a week or so, instead of sprinting through all the material the night before a big exam. Not only does this strategy cut down on stress, but repeated reinforcement of information over the course of the week will actually encourage a longer-lasting, integrated understanding of the material. 

2. Catch Some Z’s 

For some this may go without saying, but all night cramming sessions are ultimately detrimental when it comes to long-term retention of academic concepts. Scientists have long emphasized the importance of sleep as a recovery period for the brain—which is integral to retaining, recalling, and synthesizing information. 

3. Do a Run Through of the Real Thing

Practice tests are extraordinarily valuable because they challenge students to take the information they’ve studied and put it to applicable use. It’s one thing to have material rigidly memorized, it’s quite another to understand and utilize it effectively come test time. Tip: flash cards are excellent tools for practice testing. 

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Share 

When students adapt academic concepts into their own words, they’re creating a deeper, readily recalled connection to the material. Encourage your child to teach or explain academic concepts to you, a sibling, or a family pet! Translating high-minded concepts to another individual is a surefire way to test for weak spots in your student’s understanding of the material. 

No matter what goals your child has set for this school year, Achieve Academic tutors are here to help. From our Study Skills Program to SAT-ACT test prep to subject tutoring for all grades and levels, we offer a variety of small group classes, summer intensives, and one-on-one tutoring options. This autumn, have your child stride into the school year with the confidence that comes only from crafting positive, lifelong study skills.

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