5 Techniques to Help Students Become World Class Note Takers

Good note taking is a key ingredient in developing healthy study habits. Without well drafted notes, even the most dedicated and detailed studier is sorely missing an indispensable resource. With that in mind, take a look at these five study-boosting note taking techniques your child can put into practice in the upcoming school year. 

1. Ask Questions 

Encourage your child to think of questions relating to the material as he or she drafts notes throughout the day. Including these thoughtful questions throughout his or her notes is an effective way to provide context and perspective within the material.

2. The 5 W’s 

When taking notes, your child might find it helpful to view the information through the lens of Who, What, Where, When, and Why. This approach further contextualizes material, while encouraging a comprehensive, conceptual understanding of the information and its function. 

3. The Daily Review 

Students who spend just 15 minutes reviewing notes at the end of the day will have a far easier time retaining and relating material come test time. Not only does it make test preparation more seamless, it also provides an opportunity to add in any information or concepts they might’ve forgotten to jot down earlier in the day. 

4. Contrast and Compare 

A surefire way for students to bolster their notes from class is to compare them with the associated chapter in the textbook. Matching main ideas, page numbers, and themes goes a long way to flesh out in-class note taking. It also makes their notes a more effective study tool when it’s time for test prep. 

5. Find a Study Buddy

Comparing notes with another student is an additional way your child can ensure that his or her notes are accurate and complete. Likewise, when students come together to compare notes, they are also reinforcing information, putting it into their own words, and viewing the material from an alternate perspective—all of which fosters a better understanding of the subject at hand. 

Quality note taking can make a world of difference when it’s time to prep for the SAT, ACT, and AP exam, or a tough test in school. That’s why Achieve Academics offers a variety of skill-building opportunities for students of all learning styles—from small group classes to one-on-one tutoring. No matter what subjects your student is poised to tackle this fall, nudge your child one step closer to success with these crucial note taking tips and tricks.

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