A Summer for the Books: Why Summer Programs are the Key to Academic Success

As much as summer is a time to rest and recoup after a long school year, it is also an exceptional three-month window in which students can grow in myriad ways. By investing time and energy into worthwhile summer programs and projects, students can arrive in school this fall brimming with new experiences, a greater level of maturity, and more prepared than ever to take on new academic challenges.

According to the National Summer Learning Association, summer learning loss—the documented phenomenon of students losing academic ability over the summer months—is one of the leading factors contributing to the high school drop out rate. Furthermore, research by the National Summer Learning Association demonstrates that gaps in student achievement significantly widen during the intervening summer months. To combat the risks of summer learning loss, various civic leaders and organizations are teaming with the National Summer Learning Association to support Summer Learning Day, taking place this July 15th.

Summer Learning Day is championed by an impressive list of educational advocates, from First Lady Michelle Obama and the , to the Afterschool Alliance and Scholastic Books. Summer Learning Day’s primary objective is to support students from all backgrounds, in their quest to make this summer a meaningful one. To close the gap in academic achievement, communities around the country are joining the National Summer Learning Association and its various partners to host lively events for students of all ages. These community events suit an array of interests; they include: science fairs, museum visits, library resource tours, and much more.

Aside from taking part in these exciting community events, what can you and your family do to keep your student in top mental shape during the summer holiday? For starters, staying socially and academically involved is an assured way to set the stage for success come fall. Whether your goal is to prep for upcoming SAT or ACT exams, sure up math and reading skills, or even branch out into new skill sets—such as computer programming or essay writing—there is certainly a summer program to suit your aims and interests. One-on-one tutoring is an outstanding method to ensure that your student is being personally guided through new material. Likewise, small group summer classes provide the twofold benefits of both social and academic engagement.

Instead of falling for the potential pitfall of summer learning loss, why not use these months as a platform for future success? Whether your student is preparing for the upcoming college application season or is simply looking for an academic tune-up to keep his or her GPA in fighting form, Achieve Academics offers the best in one-on-one tutoring, summer intensives, small group classes, college test prep, and more. We encourage students of all backgrounds and learning styles to take advantage of this seasonal opportunity to target academic weak spots, sure up strengths, and cultivate new skills.

Whatever your student’s academic needs may be, Achieve Academics has a summer program that can help. Contact us today at 763-559-8378, or via email at info@achieveacademics.com.