Over the last eight years, Achieve Academics has been fortunate to work with students from different schools with different abilities, from great academics to incredible dancers and musicians to recruited athletes. We have had a select few that have taken us deeper into the athletic arena for various sports. We have a couple of D1 football and hockey players, a D2 baseball and basketball player and D3 basketball players.   

We understand what it takes for athletes and their families to go through the process with NCAA and their college choices. In addition to an offer, commitment and spring signing their senior year, grades and ACT/SAT scores are a huge part of the puzzle that will get them into their school of choice.   

If you are going down this path and need someone to talk to you about the requirements, we would be more than happy to counsel you and help you through it. As I’ve talked with parents, not everyone has that kind of support, so we’re bound and determined to be that extra academic voice to assist you as you navigate the recruiting process.   

We are beyond proud to have a player on the following teams: Harvard Crimson football team, Michigan State Spartan men’s hockey team, Minnesota Gopher football team, and Clarkson Golden Knights women’s hockey team, and the Carlton Knight’s men’s basketball team.