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"Tests are stressful when we place too much emphasis on their importance. Relax. Tests don’t define us, nor do they determine our future. They inform our decisions and reflect achievement to date. Results can change as you learn more. You hold the power, not the tests; you control your learning. Demystify the test, know its purpose, what it covers, what it looks like, how it’s actually used (its relative importance) and then plan how best to tackle it. If you have done well in class, you almost always will do well on the test. Don’t talk yourself into being a “poor test taker.” Almost everyone says that. Take it seriously, but even if you think your test results don’t reflect your grades and courses, your classroom achievements and dedication will overcome a poor test showing."                                  Jon Erickson (Washington Post)

Our programs are built upon the belief that every student is unique.  In order for us to determine how we can assist, we need to understand the student's strengths and weaknesses. We understand that no two or three students are the same.  Understanding their individuality is key to giving them the tools that are needed to succeed at school and beyond. 

How does this work?  Each of our programs begins with one or more diagnostic assessments and a consultation.  The consultation gives us a chance to get to know the goals of the family, while the diagnostic assessment gives us a chance to get to know the student.  After we assess, we meet to review the results, determine the course that will be taken and match the student with a tutor.

As a parent, you can see and feel when your student is struggling academically and you're not sure how to help them. Achieve Academics has partnered with Mindprint Learning, a NJ based company. In conjunction with Mindprint Learning, Achieve Academics offers an online assessment to explore the learning tendencies of a student. Once we discover a student's unique learning profile, we use solutions and strategies provided by the Mindprint Learning psychologist and their customized recommendations that are used in conjunction with our reading, math or study skill programs. If you have concerns about your student and want to find out what is holding them back, consider this Observation Checklist which will help us to uncover concerning areas for your student. 

At Achieve Academics, we believe it is critical to have this level of understanding in order to recommend the ideal program and tutor.   As a partner in this community, this is precisely what we require of our company and our ability to assist your student and meet their goals. 

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