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Welcome to Achieve Academics! 

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We're excited that you're interested in learning more about Achieve Academics!  We have been helping students for over 9 years with their academics, college counseling, study skills and test preparation. Our students have come from as far as Sartell High School, Mankato High School and South St. Paul High School and as near as Providence Academy and Wayzata High School. Over 700 students and families from 20 different elementary, junior and high schools in the Twin Cities and greater Minnesota, have chosen Achieve Academics.


Because this is about YOU, this is not about Achieve Academics.  It's about you and your student, getting the grades and the scores that you need to get into a competitive college.  In addition to working on test scores, we affect the academic life of a student. While working on the test prep, due to the customization and the personal attention that each student receives, we help GPA's on the way to increasing test scores. This is why families come to Achieve Academics. If the student doesn't get it right the first time, we continue to work with the student to help them identify their strengths to do well on the test. We're on your side!  This is a partnership of opportunities and achievement is the goal! Recently, we’ve been compared to Nordstrom’s! It’s a compliment that we’re proud of, but one that keeps us on our toes when it comes to making sure that we are doing everything that we can to assist our students and families!

Speaking of TOES,  our students have worked to excel at dance, show choir, football, soccer, tennis, hockey, band, plays and the list goes on.  Like all activities, test prep requires hours of determination, dedication, repetition and practice! The prep will rival the work that your students have done to compete outside the classroom today. Scholarships abound with top scores!  We are here to assist you in your pursuit and help you ACHIEVE those goals! Please call us at 763-559-8378 to schedule a free consultation!  Click Here is Register for your free consultation!